A revolutionary product for the safe evacuation of infants


Emergency Evacuation Equipment for Hospitals & Patients

Evacu B- Baby Emergency Evacuation Medical Sled

  • Evacu B evacuation medical sled for hospitals can provide one nurse with the capability of evacuating six babies and glide down a flight of stairs with no bouncing
  • The newborns are placed in pockets made of a fire retardant and mildew resistant material. Their heads are then secured in adjustable headrests
  • If a nurse needs to stop on the stairs, releasing the Reversible Brake Handle will automatically stop the evacuation chair on the stairs
  • Once safely outside, all six babies can be left inside the Evacu B
  • Canadian patent #2,684,444,US Patent US # US 8,286,975 B2. Other countries patents pending

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Introducing the EvacuB. Revolutionary Emergency Evacuation Equipment specially designed for infants and babies.

“We commit ourselves to maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system so that the emergency evacuation equipment & medical devices that we design, manufacture and sell comply with applicable regulatory and quality management system requirements (QSR 21 CFR Part 820, ISO 13485:2003) and consistently fulfill our customers’ expectations.”

Doug Gervais / Doro President

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A revolutionary product used for the safe evacuation of infants and newborns

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