About Us

DORO Safety and Security has been providing security solutions since 1997. Many products have attracted the attention of the security and IT industry and have been purchased by government departments, school boards, universities, churches, unions, and corporations in their efforts to fight crime.


 Doro Inc. is the sole provider of the EVACU B in North America. The EVACU B is the only neonatal hospital evacuation chair that can safely evacuate 6 babies from the NICU by just ONE nurse. Once the babies have been placed into their separate pockets and the medical grade foam headrest is secured around their heads, the nurse can pull the tethered strap across the pockets to secure the babies. ONE nurse can pick up the EVACU B and, with the two wheels, roll down the hall. When the nurse gets to the top of the stairs, he or she simply pushes the chair out over the stairs a little until the track engages the stairs. At this point the nurse can walk down the stairs, and safely out of the hospital. When outside, the infants can remain in the EVACU B until it is safe to return to the NICU. Doro is also the distributor for the EVAC+ chair, used to evacuate one adult from a building.

Doro is also the Canadian distributor for Vanguard & Protex loss prevention equipment for retail stores. Doro can provide a powered & alarmed solution for your electronic equipment.

For IT/computer security, we can customize our cable systems to any length and include any number of plates to meet your security requirements and budget. Most of our products are reusable and we offer free site inspections to ensure that the correct products are supplied.

We would be pleased to discuss your security requirements with you. Please contact us directly at 613-723-7587, Fax: 613-723-2852 or e-mail: sales@dorosecurity.com