Safety & Security Products

Products doro cables

Doro Security Cables

Security systems for PCs. Custom solutions also available to secure any of your valuable equipment.

Also: Tamper resistant screws and other accessories!

laptop security products

Laptop and LCD (flat screen) security cables. Cables can be custom made to any length. Available in Keyed Alike, Keyed Different, and Master Keyed.

products evacub

Evacu-B Baby Evacuation Chair

A revolutionary product used for the safe evacuation of infants and newborns from an NICU/nursery. Unlike other products, our Evacu-B uses wheels to roll down a hallway and specially designed track to glide gently down a flight of stairs. It only requires 1 nurse to use while easily transporting more than 100 pounds.

retail security products

Loss prevention products such as retractable recoilers, sensors and alarms, display locks, and more for all your merchandise protection needs. Retail Security by Vanguard Protex Global!

products showcase locks

Use Doro Showcase Locks (D-220) to protect your valuable products from theft!

metal detector products

The world’s most versatile walk-through metal detectors, M-scope! As well as Terascan wands and accessories.



Dome, convex, flat, inspection and more. A complete line of security mirrors for office & retail use, elevators, warehouses, vehicles and anything in between.


warlok products

WAR-LOK, for the marine, rail & trucking industry! These are state-of-the-art security products because the lock is as important as the cargo you carry. No key required to lock cylinder. Lost key replacement registration program.

key-zilla products

A great deal of research and development has gone into the KEY-ZILLA fastener with the intent to make it a lock. KEY-ZILLA shapes are created through an “encryption” process which makes a shape out of millions of variables and defines the “key code” carried by each part. This “key-code” is assigned to an individual user.