Custom Locking System

Custom Locking SystemA great deal of research and development has gone into the KEY-ZILLA fastener with the intent to make it a lock. KEY-ZILLA shapes are created through an “encryption” process which makes a shape out of millions of variables and defines the “key code” carried by each part. This “key-code” is assigned to an individual user. There is a one time key-code tool and licensing fee. Cold forging is the process used to make the fasteners. Cold forging makes identical parts economically, but it does require minimum order quantities and lead times. Minimums are around 2000 pieces for fasteners and 10 pieces for keys. Lead times are about 4 weeks. Pricing often compares with “tamper-resistant screws” making KEY-ZILLA an economical lock.

  • It requires a perfectly manufactured key to operate it.
  • The keyway is licensed and private for each user.
  • Millions of exclusive keyways mean lock security.
  • Trusted high security.
  • Years of research & development make it most secure fastener lock.
  • It repels all security bit tips and vice grips.
  • Fast; can be power driven.
  • Rust proof ;stainless steel or 4037 CrV steel 150000 psi.
  • Economical: least expensive “lock” available.
  • More sizes: 3/56-5/8-11(M2-M12) (machine, self-tapping and metric screws).