Designed in conjunction with industry security leaders, the War-Lok t-Series provides the highest level of deterrence to cargo and full container thefts in the trucking industry. With 260 million key combinations possible and the ability to master key 20,000 different locks, War-Lok is the most effective and convenient lock yet.

All War-Lok internal locking cores are designed with a flat-keyed locking system. Each component of this high security disc type cylinder has been designed to withstand the harsh environments of the transportation industry. All components are made of chrome plated hardened steel, brass or stainless steel. The War-Lok is pick resistant, drill resistant, and key duplication is virtually impossible.


1PRODUCT IR 20 Exterior Mounting position with Keys Picture  092909Similar to the IP-10/IB-10, the IR-20 security system consists of a hardened steel lock pin that secures the hasp and a barrier box that protects the pin. It also incorporates a keyed high security lock enabling both the pin and housing barrier box to be reused, reducing overall costs. The IR-20 fits a majority of intermodal container hasps.

WAR-LOK IR-20 Example: Retailers having theft issues from suppliers. This environment is ideal for the War-Lok IR-20, due to the simplicity of how this traffic is moved. A majority of the time the supplier has one or a couple of Distribution Centers (DC(s)) that provide product to the retailer’s main DC or cross docks. Since the move involves only a few parties a keyed environment can work perfectly. The War-Lok IR-20 is applied at origin DC and removed at destination DC. The key remains in the hands of the supplier and retailer, not in the carrier’s hand. Due to effectiveness of the lock design it provides a true deterrent to thieves.


p_t1The TL-10 is a cast steel barrier box with a reusable, removable, keyed locking device that fits securely over the hasp of most trailers with swing-out doors. Once in place, the locking mechanism of the TL-10 and the trailer hasp are completely protected. A key opens and closes the TL-10. For fleets, the TL-10 can be keyed all different, all alike or master keyed. The War-Lok TL-10 is a cost-effective solution. Not to mention, simple, robust and reusable. The TL-10 comes standard in powder coated silver for color.


p_t2The TKP-10 is a highly effective king pin lock designed for dropped trailers. The conical shaped lock is lighter then most high-end king pin locks and wide enough to deflect the fifth wheel plate of a would-be thief tractor. The TKP-10 comes standard in powder silver for color.


sm_breakboxConstructed of high impact aluminum steel, the TAB-10 truck air brake lock protects idling trucks from theft by completely encasing the air valves. Because this lock is not a permanent attachment, it can be re-used from one cab to another. The TAB-10 has the industry proven War-Lok internal locking core system and comes standard in powder coated red for color.

TGH-10 and GHL-10

sm_ghl10Composed of cast aluminum, the TGH-10 glad hand lock protects a trailer’s brake system hoses from being connected to the trailer. It also has extra flange for additional protection of the 2-plate mounting bolts associated with the air hose connection. The GHL-10 comes standard in powder coated red for color.


sm_tsk10The TSK-10 is a complete trailer security solution containing the TL-10, TKP-10 and customized detection seal.


sm_tsk50For a complete tractor/trailer security solution, the TSK-50 comes equipped with a TL-10, TKP- 10, TAB-10, TGH-10 and the TPL-8033 Padlock in a convenient carrying case. All locks can be keyed alike or individually.